Jacob Stone. Founder & creative director of Punch Drunk Productions. Former tour manager and VJ. Entrepreneur, producer, creator, designer, and live video director. Occasional photographer. Hiker (but not in the snow). Cat and coffee lover. Itinerant minister (but not the God kind). Sans alcohol as of 1/1/2013. Ex-roadie for KMFDM. Survivor of: broken back, foot, skull, and collar bone. Obsessive list maker.


2018: Created broadcast countdown clock application StreamTimer.com. Valley of fire, Nevada . Made a pilgrimage to Baltimore  and confirmed: no lake, no trout . A multi-camera project engineered by Punch Drunk made it into Wired Magazine . Goa paratha tacos in Santa Barbara . Lots of plane travel; the birds-eye view of Mount Rainier never fails to disappoint . Deep dish pizza in Chicago . Spending lots of time with these two .

2017: Venice, Italy . Hiked a bunch . And hiked a bunch more . Tied the knot for these two . Kept on hiking . Knitted a thing . More ink .

2016: Third tattoo . Created “No Funk” organic, aluminum-free, natural deodorant spray .

2015: Produced “We Are KMFDM,” the band’s 30th Anniversary live concert and first ever video-on-demand . Second tattoo . Tied the knot for Steve and Angela . Best year yet for our wireless inflatable crowd-surfing ballcam .  Learned more than I care to know about diesel engine additives .

2014: Lost my wonderful and public-spirited mother, Marlene Stone, to a cardiac aortic aneurysm. RIP mom, love you .  Lost our tough-as-nails cat-boy marauder, Truman, to surgical complications .  Finally figured out what to do with leftover vegetable pulp after juicing: mix with meat and spices to create beetballs and kaleballs .

2013: After a one-day how-to-do-voiceover workshop, confirmed that my talents lie far from the microphone. Struggled with my own handwriting on a sunny day in August marrying Kellie and Zach. Helped memorialize the Rainier “R” being put back on the former Rainier Brewery .

2012: Slung hash with Sacred Cow at Burning Man .  Learned the hard way it’s difficult to caretake scorpions .  Got a little star-struck filming hero Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms .  Brief, unsuccessful stint in modeling provided good cannon fodder for piss-takes . Chacala, Mexico . Epic John McCain halloween costume .

2011: Bought a motorcycle .  Burning Man year one with Sacred Cow .

2010: First tattoo .  Participated in the Long Walk . After a bunch of camera gear was stolen from my car, waged a social media campaign against the thief, landed on several local news outlets, which ultimately led to the return of the equipment within one week and his arrest one week later .

2009: Reprised my role as KMFDM’s tour manager for their “Kein Mitleid” North American tour . Woke up one morning to a broken foot and zero memory of how it happened. Surely one of the most prominent milestones in my life’s anti-drinking PSA .

2008: Discovered the scintillating blend of dread and self-reflection while climbing 12,000 feet to my first skydiving experience. Learned incorrectly how to say “I don’t speak Spanish” and spent two weeks traipsing around Valparaíso, Chile, telling the locals they don’t speak Spanish.

2007: Produced Opticlash 2: The 2nd Annual VJ Battle in Seattle.

2006: Created the world’s heaviest DVD-based analog VJ system . VJed with DJ:AM at Showbox Seattle , RIP Mr. Goldstein. Tour managed KMFDM’s North American “Ruck Zuck” tour.

2005: Toured Europe with KMFDM . Produced Opticlash: The VJ Battle in Seattle . The halcyon days of VJing in the early-mid aughts were a different era. Was honored and flattered to tie the knot for my friends, bosses, and touring companions Sascha and Lucia .

2004: Shot, produced, directed, and edited KMFDM’s 20th Anniversary 2x DVD set. During this project we hatched the “Fankam,” where each music video on the DVD had a sister video shot entirely by the fans. Bear in mind this was 2004, pre-cellphone cameras or video, so we handed out small digital video cameras to fans each night to shoot the concert from their perspective.

2003: Began residencies as house VJ at Club Medusa and Club Element . Designed and built video systems for rock tours (SD not HD, naturally)  . First rock tour with Queensrÿche. Followed immediately by a tour with KMFDM .

2002: Shot a photograph every day of the year, on film, and from that created the 365 Project . Created the Big Bright Yellow Sun .  Spent an inordinate amount of time backstage at raves, ostensibly VJing, though often otherwise occupied counting sheep . Put a VHS tape in the mail containing two self-made fan videos for KMFDM. Was shocked and thrilled to receive a call from Sascha Konietzko himself, asking if the videos could be added to their website. Eventually schmoozed and cajoled and begged my way in as their touring VJ and video director.

2000: Began my VJ career at Club Contour’sMannequin Night.” As I was not yet 21, kept a printed copy of Washington State law in my pocket at all times, which permits “professional musicians” to perform their duties in an alcohol-serving establishment. Everybody involved tenuously agreed that being a VJ was “close enough” to a professional musician so as to allow me to skulk into the club each week with an armful of VHS tape decks, a questionable selection of arcane videos, and a battery of cheap plastic Radio Shack switchers.

1999: Produced & directed the Senior Class Video at the end of high school. Embarked on the brilliant peregrination to pursue two 2-year degrees instead of one 4-year degree.

1998: Climbed a tree looking for “the shot” during a summer school film production. Fell out of the tree, which resulted in a broken back, cracked skull, and contrecoup contusion. Spent the summer cooped up indoors in a TLSO back brace and learned how to edit video. Occasionally spirited away and challenged unsuspecting passersby to “punch me in the chest as hard as you can” – good for a laugh as the TLSO brace is rock hard. Amusing except when your opponent and their half-dozen friends elicit the ruse and decide retributive justice sounds like a fun next game. Founded Punch Drunk Productions.

1996: Started my first media company – Corporal Monkey Company Enterprises. Slogan: The only monkey the spanks back. Seemed fairly hilarious as a teenage entrepreneur .

1986: Enter the Commodore 64, and life actually begins .

1981: Life begins.

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